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Premierfloat Malaysia HDPE Modular Pontoon Float Dock


Stability - Specially designed channels on the bottom of float to channel out water flow / waves which generally reducing barrel roll effect. Premierfloat pontoon has a tested buoyancy of over 375kg/m2.


Low Maintenance - All of our products are environmental friendly, high resistant to UV rays, chemical and oil stains. Our floats can be easily cleaned using water.

Design - Innovative design with strengthened jagged walls which increases rigidity and preventing walls from shearing. Each float comprised of over ± 7.5kg of pure resins which translated to greater wall thickness, sturdiness and durability without the "soft feeling" while walking on it's surface. Our unique industrial surface design prevents slipping and to facilitate water drainage.

Thickness - Seamless one piece high load construction with a 20mm thick connecting lugs with a tested tensile strength of over 1,500kgs which proved a significant higher strength capability compared to other system in the market.

UV Protection - Our floats are moulded using a specially formulated addictive including UV protection agents. Averagely, it will take between 15 to 20 years before the UV starts to slowly damage the floats and another 5 to 10 years before the floats required a replacement.

Material - Genuine Marlex (Chevron) resins with additional UV protection agents.


Premierfloat pontoon is easy to assemble and can be installed by yourself using just the installation tool supplied to you or we can do the installation for you at a minimal charge.


We offer several ways to secure your floating platform which most commonly used are pilings, concrete blocks or steel piles for close shore applications.


Premiefloat pontoon and accessories are manufactured using the highest quality international standardised high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins and UV protection agents. Unlike other manufacturers which uses recycled resins or neglecting the use of UV protection agents which could lower its tensile strength and has a possibility of cracking, deforming or degradation of material, structure and colour over a short period of time. 


We are extremely confident with our product and we stand behind a one-to-one replacement policy should any of our pontoon float fails within a period of 5 years.


We provide turn key solution for all types of application from simple floating platforms to complex floating structure and jetties. Everything is done in-house from manufacturing of floats, accessories, designing, engineering, calculation, steel fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire project.


  1. Premierfloat modular pontoon float unit

  2. Spacer

  3. Standard center connecting pin

  4. Anti-slip surface

  5. Pontoon lug

  6. Breather valve

  7. Waterlevel

  1. Premierfloat modular pontoon float unit

  2. Spacer

  3. Threaded center connecting pin

  4. Anti-slip surface

  5. Pontoon lug

  6. Breather valve

  7. Sliding nut

  8. Waterlevel

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