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Premierfloat, Malaysia - Solar / FPV Float

Premierfloat, Malaysia also offers a whole new range of floating product. We are capable of producing special type of floaters for solar / FPV farming.


Floating solar or FPV (floating photovoltaic) is growing rapidly on the renewable market today due to its simplicity and occupancy advantages as they do not take up any land or require any land infrastructure.

Since land is scarce and expensive these days, FPV can be deployed on any water basin, lake or any calm water surface. Installation of these FPV is fairly straightforward and is totally reversible.

FPV also allows implementation of simple and natural cooling system of PV modules thanks to the absence of thermal drift with a gain in energy harvesting up to 8 - 10%.


We have over 7 years of experience and expertise in this floating field.  We provide turn-key solution from production of these special floaters / FPV floating platforms, installation, mooring to commissioning of your entire FPV project.

Speak to us today on how we could assist you with your FPV project or as your OEM contract manufacturer.

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